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Re: what will you do when your last hardware fails?

in Milliways
The hard drive in my best Pentium III PC just started failing, so I get to open up the case and swap in a new drive. Fun! To me, component failures are part of the overall retrocomputing experience (especially in this case because the failing hard drive is an IBM Deskstar). I don't let component …

Re: Voodoo 3 vs Banshee (wrt Glide compatibility)

in Marvin \ Video
I don't have a Banshee, but from what I've read elsewhere, I'd expect the Banshee to have the same compatibility with the oldest Glide games as the Voodoo3. (The Voodoo3 could've been named "Banshee2" because of their similarities.) I would not expect the Banshee to be able to run any old Glide …

Re: Santa wish list.

in Milliways
I am still using some 15- to 20-year-old power supplies. I'd like to replace them with modern ones because modern PSUs would be less likely to destroy my hardware during a catastrophic failure. And I've been thinking about getting a slot cooler to put beside my Voodoo3. (I'm not having any problems …

Re: i have a windows 95 computer

Before you disassembled it, could this PC boot up at all? Does its power supply smell like burnt plastic? It's probably actually a Windows 98 or Windows NT computer because the Pentium III product launch took place in 1999. If you can get the PC working again, then I'd recommend Windows 98 for this …

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