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Re: UniPCemu emulator releases

Also, how do I get unipcemu boot from hdd? I set it to boot from hdd without xtide in the boot order from settings.ini, set t to use my NT 3.1 raw img hdd image, as well as the cpu (Pentium), however, it still doesn't execute anything, what do I press to make it boot properly? Also, what bios image …

Elsa Winner S3 eeprom emulation.

in PC Emulation
It seems that to recognize the card and its specific OEM drivers an eeprom is required, vgadoc (partially) documents it, but I don't know what type of eeprom it uses, either i2c or 93c46. Can somebody know the type of eeprom of such cards? And for the DOS utilities too.

Questions regarding the 86c911.

in PC Emulation
How much does it differ in the pixel transfer registers and the acceleration commands from later chips like 764? (Outside memory mapping and color compare and little else I know). There's no technical reference manual online about this chip.

Re: 86box completed builds?

in PC Emulation
Just go to our irc channel (name is on our github repository) and get the latest binary from there, which is more updated than the ones on jenkins, the commits associated to this latest binary are coming soon.

Re: PCEm emulation problems in Windows 98 SE

in PC Emulation
Probably incomplete emulation, and ISO+WAV is not implemented. You also need a quite powerful PC. You can also use 86Box as an alternative (I contribute to it a lot, and I'll notify the staff about ISO+WAV 😀 ). Edit: its latest binary is on irc.rol.im, softhistory channel and ask the staff about it …

Re: Emulation speed issues with 86box

in PC Emulation
Sorry to piggy back here, but I also noticed that when I start up a Win98 machine in the latest PCEM, the audio is smooth. When I do the same with 86Box it sounds a bit choppy. It doesn't matter what CPU I pick. It's almost like the default buffering options are different between the two emulators. …

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