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Re: Raspberry Pi gets 64-Bit OS support officially

in Milliways
But we’ve come to realise that there are reasons to choose a 64-bit operating system over a 32-bit one. Compatibility is a key concern: many closed-source applications are only available for arm64, and open-source ones aren’t fully optimised for the armhf port. Beyond that there are some …

Re: Far Cry

in Windows
Kappa971 wrote on 2021-12-26, 19:02: Underwater reverb in SS (dsoal-r418) : https://streamable.com/y7bmzg Is it with DSOAL? Yes, version r418.

Re: Far Cry

in Windows
Try this older version of DSOAL: http://vaporeon.io/hosted/dsoal-builds/old/dsoal-r418.7z It should work at least in Serious Sam.

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