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Voodoo 3 problem with 3D Mark 2000

I have this problem which I've been having with all of the Voodoo 3 cards that I came across so far and I find it very puzzling. Whenever I run 3D Mark it runs fine until it gets to the part where the dragon flies over the medieval town. That's when it freezes at some point. The test bed is ASUS P5A …

Re: Toshiba Satellite Pro 430CDT

I don't run Windows 98 on my 430CDT. Windows 95 performs very noticeably faster and I don't lose any features I care about either (perfectly stable, usable, etc). Anyway, under Win95 I can run games at 800x600, yes (e.g. Seven Kingdoms). I have not tried 3D games at that resolution (would run …

Re: What do you drive?

Yeah no, sadly they stopped making them in 2013. It's a great little car, easy to park, has enough power for its size and it's surprising spacious inside! Sadly at 13 years old it's beginning to show its age.

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