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Re: What made you join VOGONS?

I came for the sound card info, and stayed... for the sound card info. Seriously, there's a wealth of information here about sound cards! I'm thankful for all the people who've done the tough stuff: in-depth research, compatibility testing, not to mention fixing old drivers and / or writing new ones …

Re: What is your Favorite CPU and Why ?

Favorite: 486-class. I'm a DOS gamer first and foremost, and none of my favorites require anything more powerful than a 486 to run smoothly. Added to which, some of the "quirkier" hardware I'm into -- certain older sound cards, the Trackstar Apple II clones, etc. -- don't always play nice with more …

Ad Lib music archive

Hello, all. I use custom hardware (the "Adlib-DigiSnap") to make accurate recordings of DOS game soundtracks, which are then added to my website, the Ad Lib music archive . Today, after a long hiatus, 18 [!] new soundtracks were added: 4D Boxing Captain Dynamo Chip's Challenge Commander Keen 4: …

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