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Re: Interest in a Munt ISA card?

Instead of an RPi, why not attempt an FPGA implementation? Maybe branch it out to a general purpose Midi/Sound card emulator on FPGA that can be loaded with new instruction sets via a DOS utility and re-initialized. Granted, I don't know how viable this is, or how expensive it would be, but it would …

Re: WP32 McCake : MT32 compatible waveblaster board

Would this board be compatible with CHILL II? Yes, there are solder bridges at the bottom to select between floppy power and header power if powered through header, it works fine on CHiLL II, which can provide the needed current I'm assuming these are the 5V EXT and 12V EXT bridges? How should they …

Re: Retrobrighting crt monitor plastics

I used 40 volume creme peroxide and a grow lamp inside a foil-lined container to brighten up the plastic bezels for my stuff. It takes a little longer than natural sunlight, but you get finer control over how white it ends up because it goes slower, and it also works in winter months. If you let it …

Re: Legend of Kyrandia

in DOS
properly in that it gives you all the necessary files. You already have the GOG games, so piracy isn't an issue?

Re: Legend of Kyrandia

in DOS
google "ExoDOS" if you want properly archived DOS games made to run in a DOS environment. GOG releases of DOS games are often butchered to run on modern systems only.

Re: Temple Operating System

in Milliways
Poor Terry. He was the definition of a crazy genius. Temple OS is really fascinating, not just from the standpoint of OS development, but also a look into the mind of a talented, but deeply troubled man.

Re: Worst LucasArts/Sierra adventure game

in Milliways
Some red-hot takes in this thread. Here's my luke-warm ones. Sierra: Codename: Iceman - boring game with a lackluster story that fails to capture the feeling the game wants to project Police Quest - Procedural cop simulator isn't that fun. The game is way more fun and entertaining when you mess up …

Re: Origin or Steam

in Milliways
Steam has a MASSIVELY larger library, and not everything on the platform has DRM, or has DRM that is so trivial to remove it may as well not exist (like, literally create "steam_appid.txt" in the game folder that contains the corresponding game's Steam App ID number AND NOTHING ELSE) that it is far …

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