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Needing help with OPTI-495SX-2VL board

in Milliways
So, ive been doing the basic troubleshooting of pulling each ram stick out and only left in graphic's card and keyboard, im getting this 3 beep error code, but seems not to be ram affecting the machine. what are you guys idea? also tried a basic vga card, no dice in booting.

Could a Yamaha MU synth maybe be emulated?

in Milliways
Yes, im talking about devices like the yamaha mu 128 and them various expansion card's, was wondering on this theory due to it being such an rare and expensive, i do understand the MU series is a kind of rom based synth and would need quite the features written up for it to work as should, but it …

File sharing software on old and new windows.

in Milliways
Hello! so ive been interested lately in using another file sharing method with those older existing ftp software on windows 9.x to be compatible enough with a newer version of same program type, like on windows 95 osr for example, do you know a good method which works?

Re: Digital equipment's celebris XL 5100 has black screen and gives out an error code.

Its a weird mix of on board scsi and ide, hard drive sit's on the ide and cd rom alone on scsi, i used a program named prosci to install the driver, it does a run scan on start, setting the drive id had a peek inside the drive and unfortanly a gear was shot, but i know somebody who's gonna give me a …

Re: Digital equipment's celebris XL 5100 has black screen and gives out an error code.

So, hopefully this is the last issue im gonna have with this machine, have installed the dos driver's to it but dos keep's getting back with 'drive not ready' error, even on a regular game disc, i did have the drive apart to check for dust on the lens but it seemed fine, gave it some light cleaning, …

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