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Re: linux ne2000 patch pcap troubles

still having the issue, but I have more info about what isn't the cause: libpcap is not likely the cause. I discovered my distro uses 1.8.1, but calls it 0.8 for whatever reason. I also built it from source to test the latest version. In addition, I tried a couple patches from the libpcap bug …

linux ne2000 patch pcap troubles

I built dosbox SVN 3858 and added the ne2000 patch [unrelated: also voodoo patch], and have a working Wfw 3.11 installation. The network appears to work fine. It gets an address from the DHCP server, and I can ping fine locally and the internet at large. But if I am dealing with a large bit of data …

Re: 3dfx-based Scaling in DOSBox

[quote="truth5678"]The issue on the athlon-xp system may be related to the video card.[/quote] I tracked down the crashing to sdl.dll. Probably one of the ones I was working with had optimizations for core2 or something. Swapping it out for the one in the release 0.74 solved the crashing. [quote]I …

Re: 3dfx-based Scaling in DOSBox

To what source are the patches in this thread applied against? I've been looking for a recent patch to apply to the SVN for voodoo emulation. I hit this thread, http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=25606#p194306 which is locked. I get "No input file specified." when I try to download the patch at …

Re: 3dfx-based Scaling in DOSBox

I tested both of these on Whiplash 3dfx. No problems-- in fact, I'm now disposing of some dedicated hardware for playing this game. Thanks a bunch. Oh, does Dosbox fail to record opengl output? I couldn't make any recordings, but that's just a minor annoyance.

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