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Re: What retro hardware you killed today or in the past :(. Killing spree stories+serial killers are welcome.Rest in pie

I was doing some reflowing on the GUS Max 2.1 card since it would lock up at the detection using the DOS setup program or when I enable it in Windows 95C's device manager. I reflowed the following to see if the issue would get fixed: [...] Apparently, the ICS1614 GF1 chip is done for and the card …

Re: What modern activity did you get up to today?

in Milliways
Currently upgrading the MacBook Late 2008 to Snow Leopard via a USB flash drive (don't have any Dual-Layer DVD-Rs at the moment) from the Leopard 10.5.8 installation. In case something goes wrong, I can factory restore it back to the Leopard OS (thankfully, the SuperDrive works).

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