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Re: Oldest nVidia PCI driver for Riva TNT2 M64

So, indeed, as I thought, there is a VERY noticeable improvement (30 - 40% in some cases) on the Pentium MMX 233 when going from driver version 7.76 (which is optimized for newer CPUs) to a very old driver (in this case 2.08). Correct, more modern drivers are even slower, bringing some otherwise …

Re: Software rendering <> DirectDraw

OP, You are lost in details. Software rendering: your software is computing the rendering calculations on a cpu with algorithms running on the cpu. Usually doing this with your own algorithm. Or, sometimes, using an existing implementation of someone else. Hardware accelerated rendering: the …

Re: DOSBOX status for linux in 2023?

in DOSBox General
i know the main program hasn't been updated since 2010. i know about dosbox-staging and dosbox-x however they both have a dep that i don't want to install on my system. is there some "modern" program that like staging takes all of the good patches etc but doesn't require the use of weird deps?( …

Re: Looking for old TitaniumGL files

in Milliways
It's not that I will use TitaniumGL on a daily basis. I just wanted to know what the change is... TitaniumGL focuses to run stuff fast, enjoyably and reliably on semi-old computers. Perfecting the pixel- or effect accuracy is not within the goals of the project. There are different projects made by …

Re: Looking for old TitaniumGL files

in Milliways
BEEN_Nath_58 wrote on 2023-08-24, 14:17: The game doesn't look quite right, can you verify: This is how quake2 looks with titaniumgl. Proper looks can be achieved if legacy sgis multitexturing is enabled - but its blocked due to serious performance issues when using it.

Re: Looking for old TitaniumGL files

in Milliways
Btw can you tell how you implemented to run Quake2 on this? I can't see the game using it at all and instead moving to the Microsoft Standard ICD and the file is not in use. Did you modify any file? Which one? The game should use it, if you put the proper opengl32.dll file (windows 32 bit version) …

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