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Re: DOSBOX fork with better FM synthesis?

I know this is an old topic, but recently I found another OPL3 emulator. This one is the OPAL OPL3 emulator from Reality Adlib Tracker. I made it easier to integrate into projects and wrote a wrapper for it. https://github.com/datajake1999/OPL3EMU/tree/master/Driver/Opal I am attaching recordings …

Re: Nuked OPL3 emulator

datajake1999 wrote: According to Wikipedia, the YMF262 was released in 1988,. This means that a 100% perfect OPL3 emulator was released on the YMF262's 30th anniversary. Interesting. Actuially YMF262 was developed in 1990 and first released in 1991(on Sound Blaster Pro 2).

Nuked OPN2 emulator

Nuked OPN2 High accuracy Yamaha YM3438(OPN2) emulator. The YM3438 is a CMOS variant of the YM2612 used in Sega MegaDrive(Genesis) and FM Towns. Genesis Plus GX fork with this core integrated is available here: https://github.com/nukeykt/Genesis-Plus-GX Features: -Based on the YM3438 die shot reverse …

Re: The way to detect OPL3 clone

OPN2 has this bug too.(YMF276 variant at least) Here's my test code: for(int i = 0; i < 0x200; i++) { writereg(i,0); } writereg(0x34,0x03); writereg(0x3c,0x01); writereg(0x44,0x0f); writereg(0x4c,0x06); writereg(0x5c,0x02); writereg(0x64,0x00); writereg(0x6c,0x00); writereg(0x74,0x00); writereg(0x7c …

Re: The way to detect OPL3 clone

I cannot hear a difference between the 3 sound cards I recorded from. I ran the program under Windows 98 SE command.com Interesting results. YMF744 has real OPL3 so no question here. CMI8738 is believed to have real OPL3 and this recording confirm it. But ESS1938 is surprising. Perhaps they were …

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