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Re: Ensoniq AudioPCI problems

On my 2 retro computers, I could only get the AudioPCI to work on my fast Celeron PC in Windows 98SE's command.com by doing these 2 things. Enabling the parallel port in the BIOS. Enable sharing IRQ 7 in the sound card driver settings, (enabled by default). I could never get MS-DOS to detect the …

Re: Ripping midi tracks from a game

in Milliways
I logged file calls for some of these games with Filemon, to organize the XMI collection a little more: Al-Qadim *GR1.XMI -> OPL2 *GR4.XMI -> General MIDI Warcraft 0.XMI-14.XMI -> General MIDI 15.XMI-29.XMI -> OPL2 30.XMI-44.XMI -> OPL3 Warcraft II 379.XMI-395.XMI -> General MIDI 396.XMI-412.XMI -> …

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