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Re: Looking for Aureal Vortex ARL Soundbank Editors

in Milliways
I didn't realize until now that the "Aureal MIDI Patchset Editor Update" from A3d Fans Site works. I never tried it because I thought it needed the full setup package, which I can't download. About 95% of the program works in a WinXP VM. I think some of the parts that don't work require a Vortex 1 …

Re: Lesser known Win9x MIDI Softsynths

The driver I'm using for the sound card in Vmware Workstation 16 is a VXD driver, which explains why I haven't ran into any problems. Now what I'm trying to figure out is how to convert the Ensoniq WaveCube instruments located in the mddb folder to GUS patches or SF2. The database file MDTB.MDS …

Re: Lesser known Win9x MIDI Softsynths

Bondi, the disk you posted is still WaveCUBE version 4.0 like the one I found on archive.org, although the setup files are slightly older based on file dates. It works in a Win98 VM. I just ignore the part where it says it can't find an SB16, because my VM is using the Ensoniq AudioPCI. There is a …

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