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Re: Versions of Mortal Kombat (1) (DOS port)

in DOS
I found that Lemmings 2 accepts the Mortal Kombat 1 UltraTech/GOG Adlib and Roland drivers, as long as the drivers have their file extension renamed to BIN. In the Lemmings 2 music folder, just remove the old adlib.bin and roland.bin and copy over adlib.drv and roland.drv and rename the file ext. I …

Re: DOS Lemmings with Digital Sound Effects?

in Milliways
According to Lemmings Music Player the decompressed file adlib.dat has both music and sounds. So, there is no indication of digital fx. I stumbled onto this program because it almost works with Mortal Kombat 1's adlib.drv, except only 1 sec of music plays.

Re: Versions of Mortal Kombat (1) (DOS port)

in DOS
I found Reverse engineering Mortal Kombat GRA file format (part 1) and Reverse engineering Mortal Kombat GRA file format (part 2) which discusses the GRA graphics files from MK1, which the author has reverse engineered. The author released a viewer tool several months ago on Github here rewolf- …

Re: Versions of Mortal Kombat (1) (DOS port)

in DOS
I noticed the roland.drv file has MT-32 Sysex commands when viewed in a hex editor. I couldn't find the MIDI files, however. Has anyone had any luck extracting the MIDI files? ROLAND.DRV MT-32 Sysex F0 41 10 16 12 (351 occurences) Patch Temp F0 41 10 16 12 03 (93 occurences) Patch Memory F0 41 10 16 …

Re: SB Live! game presets

You might not need to export them one-by-one. On my SBLive installation CD, I found the game presets in the following path: D:\Audio\Common\Cfgset\Presets\Live\2 Speaker\Play Legacy Game The '2 Speaker folder' can be replaced with another folder that is present on the CD such as '4 Speaker', '5.1 …

Re: Surround sound on Win 98 era games

You need a receiver that supports Dolby Prologic II/IIx/IIz. Your PC sound card will connect to the receiver with 2 channel stereo, preferably SPDIF. The receiver will upmix the audio to your 5.1/7.1/9.1 speakers. You should be able to select gaming mode in the receiver for best results in terms of …

Re: Space Hulk soundfont/midi help.

I downloaded the Space Hulk demo and found that the instrument files are in the same folder as the MIDI files. Copy the MID_DIR folder to the PX folder, and rename HULK_AD.MID to SAMPLE.OPL or SAMPLE.AD. Then, make sure there is a DEFDRV.INI file with sbp2fm or adlib. HULK_A.MID should sound exactly …

Re: PowerPC Dynamic Recompiler (patch)

Played the first level of Jazz Jackrabbit. It was very playable on low quality, no animation. Dosbox set with core=dynamic, cycles=max 90%, cputype=auto, with GUS at 22khz. Some occasional minor slowdown but not enough to ruin the experience. The game will crash with an unhandled exception at …

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