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Re: Geforce GT 210, GT 730, or GTX 750 for 3D modeling

skip all and go to GTX 1050 Ti, no external power it runs very cool and sits inbetween a GTX 960 and GTX 970 in preformance GTX 1050 Ti does not support Windows XP, and I don't use anything Vista onwards. (Only Linux) So it looks like the 750Ti is the best option. (Only 20W power consumption) I'm …

Re: Irony regarding published esd precautions

20:35 reminds me of something both that tech guy and myself can relate to lol Seems it's correct that the early PCs were more vulnerable to ESD except for 386 and 486 and a bit later like the Pentium. In practice, I put the tower on an antistatic mat and use a wrist strap. Both the mat and the …

Geforce GT 210, GT 730, or GTX 750 for 3D modeling

I'm thinking on buying iClone 5 or 6 for making 3D characters. I read that each of these cards meet the recommended system requirements, but how well do they do they perform in max visual quality? I have an Asus GT 210 with 1GB DDR3 to start off with and i'm considering to get a GT 730 or GTX 750Ti …

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