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Re: Falcosoft Soundfont Midi Player

No I don't 😀 Everything sounds just fine. I just read a few threads, installed a few things, tick a few checkboxes and hope for the best. 😜 For the most part I'm not really sure of what I'm doing so I was just checking if I was missing something. Oh! Thank you for the Midi Player!

Re: Falcosoft Soundfont Midi Player

How to utilize FSMP capital tone fallback with Dosbox and SC-VA: First download latest FSMP development version from the first post. You have to have loopMIDI or MIDI-Yoke as virtual midi cable. Optional: Coolsoft VirtualMIDISynth to set default MIDI MAPPER. * Create two loop cables with loopMIDI ( …

Re: My new Libretto 70CT

Cool! We all here have a sweet spot for Librettos :) Are you from Russia? keenmaster486, there's really no need for USB, I use PCMCIA to CF adapter for that. Works in plain DOS, like charm. P.S. Those kitties on the last picture are so cool :) Hi, any chance of explaining this further? I do have an …

Re: Dosbox 0.74 Crash on startup

This is happening to me to, only happen with the "new" xbox one controller, with my older xbox 360 controller attached it worked just fine. But just disconnect the joystick and it shoul start fine. I already tried to change joystick=none but it didn't work.

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