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Re: Packard Bell Aztech 2320 Stupidity.

Manually installing the drivers with Add New Hardware it can't find a number of files You are missing files? What files. pnpisa.dat wwav.inf mwwav.dll It was a bunch of files that were not found anywhere on the machine, so they were not mispointed files. It's like the preloaded drivers only had the …

Packard Bell Aztech 2320 Stupidity.

I built up a Packard Bell FORCE 480CD system and had a spare Packard Bell OEM 2320 PnP card available so I put that in. The correct Master CD for this machine is not expecting this card (it wants a 2316) and installs the wrong drivers which do nothing. Digging around I have the Master CD for my …

Re: What retro hardware you killed today or in the past :(. Killing spree stories+serial killers are welcome.Rest in pie

Had a floptical drive for a Silicon Graphics Iris Indigo that wouldn't read floppies. To test if it was the special Teac-chipset SCSI to floppy bridge or not I haphazardly plugged it into another machine with SCSI but didn't observe pin 1. Fried it. I've never seen a SCSI device fry like that before …

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