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Re: Orpheus II soundcard thread

I have been summoned here from the RetroRGB weekly podcast news updates...they covered this card this week! I have two stupid questions. How much will this be? Can I buy it pre-assembled? Regardless, this sounds so awesome for those of us that have yet to shell out the $$$ for a real GUS!

Re: 3Dfx Splash screen only on certain games?

This flag should re-enable the splash screen I believe: FX_GLIDE_NO_SPLASH 0 (you are setting the value back to 0) As far as getting that to not be overwritten by unreal's startup routine...thats another story perhaps. If it doesnt just work after manually setting that variable (either in regedit or …

Castle Wolfenstein rebooting game

Hey all, I am trying to run Castle Wolfenstein on my NuXT (Beyond CW works fine at slowest speed setting 4.77mhz)...but everytime I start the game, it loads, I am immediately caught, then it goes to the title screen 'loading demo' and loops from there over and over until I reset the computer. Any …

Re: Duke 3D with Dreamblaster X2

Thanks for the reply dreamblaster! I have a CT 1740 (OG SB 16 is my most nostalgic card haha), and very much affected by the bug. However before we write this off as the bug...I dont think thats what I am experiencing, because I am fully aware what the hanging note bug is and what it sounds like. As …

Duke 3D with Dreamblaster X2

Hey all, Does anyone else run Duke 3D with a Dreamblaster X2 attached to a SB 16? I have issues when I use the music modes general midi, sound canvas, or waveblaster modes but not when I use SB 16 or Adlib mode. The issue is that it hitches from time to time when it seems like its loading assets …

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