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Re: DOSBox + Linux + CUE/BIN = FAIL

I agree . However, this is likely not the issue in this specific case, as if the cue file and bin/img file are in the same directory and the cue file gets read, but the bin/img file does not, the directory permissions are not the issue . The permissions of the bin/img file could be a problem, but …

Re: DOSBox + Linux + CUE/BIN = FAIL

Good to check just in case, but in this specific case, the error suggests that the cue file is being found and read, but the referenced img file isn't . In the limited tests that I have run, the mscdex error is not shown if the cue file is absent (not there or wrong path) or inaccessible ( …

Re: Can one connect an IDE (ATAPI) CD-ROM to one of those USB to IDE adapters? Has anyone tried that ?

I've a few of these which work OK on most optical drives - even works without the brick with a laptop drive for full HD recordings from my TV usb2ide.jpg Be warned that those power bricks (specifically the type in that picture, I've had a few of them) have a tendency to go bad, causing the drives …

Re: What happens on a Hayes modem when ATDT; is dialed?

in PC Emulation
I have this memory that I did something where I'd have the modem or myself pickup the line, wait for the dialtone to go away, and then have another modem in another part of the house pick up and answer. It was a cheap way to play a game or send a file without running a null modem cable. So ATDT; …

Re: Quake Shareware Music.

in DOS
It's regular old CD audio, it wouldn't work if it was encrypted in any way (not to mention decryption would require more CPU cycles when the game was already pushing most systems to their limits).

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