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Re: DOS file size limit

in DOS
I've been confused by, and trying to solve this problem for years now. It seems the DOS 7.1 Kernel does not support 4GB-1 (long. unsigned files), but it will support both FAT32 partitions (max filesize 4GB -1) and also 64-kb cluster sizes on FAT16 partitions which means those partitions can also ( …

Re: DOSBox ReelMagic Fork

1) but there are still a couple of distorted lines at the bottom of the picture. Do you think they could be cleaned up? If the original hardware setup does not do this then yes probably it can be cleaned up. I'll look into this. To me that looks like very typical VHS head switching noise (from the …

Re: replacing Z Drive contents possible?

You won't be able to change the prompt like that for DOSBox. It's running its own built-in version of COMMAND.COM (the DOS shell/command interpreter) and you're trying to use unsupported commands from MSDOS. If you want to run real MSDOS in DOSBox, set up a HDD image and install MSDOS on it.

Re: DOSBox ReelMagic Fork

DOSBox Pure (https://github.com/schellingb/dosbox-pure) is the most recent fork to implement savestates but it also has a lot of other modifications and is designed to run under retroarch. Trying to use it as a base would probably add several layers of unnecessary complexity.

Re: Dosbox as self sustaining OS?

Daniel3D wrote on 2022-03-06, 14:38: No. It can run XP just fine. But DOSbox is sluggish. That's why I try to cut away excess stuff. Then changing the OS won't matter. Most of DOSBox's time is spent emulating the CPU, with no calls to the OS.

Re: DOSBox ReelMagic Fork

Good to know thanks! The s-video thing adds to my thought on an OpenGL shader being able to help smooth out the video a bit. While using a shader is an option (especially with SVN trunk, which already supports rendering via shaders - the main reason I suggested looking into it), have you attempted …

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