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Re: The Need For Speed SE on Win98SE?

Regarding Force Feedback in this game I'm sure it's not true that it does support that. *1 NFS2 does though, but it wasn't working for me back in the day on my Force Feedback Wheels by Thrustmaster while it did work on a friend's Saitek R4 I think it's called wheel. Regarding sound try to output it …

16 bit and 32 bit rendering after Kyro2?

I just read about the internal true color rendering the Kyro2 had. Can anybody provide 16 bit screenshots of Incoming running on the Kyro2? And does anyone know if Nvidia, Ati or another company like Matrox did implement that feature in their products as well or is Kyro2's 16 bit rendering the best …

Re: Good 4:3 LCD Monitor

AFAIK the latter two digits in Dell display model numbers designate the year of release and the last model year with that nice design was 2011. 2012 got round edges and different buttons. More recently Dell made models with angular designs again with much slimmer bezels obviously.

Re: Good 4:3 LCD Monitor

Thanks for all the input. So the very cheap/free to get 5:4 displays are not an option for DOS machines if you care about correct aspect ratio etc. which is sad. I do have several CRTs but I wanted to use an LCD for a SVGA & Glide DOS sim/simcade steering wheel racing setup. Regarding the Dell …

Re: Good 4:3 LCD Monitor

koverhbarc wrote on 2017-06-30, 12:21: I must only say to not get a 5:4 LCD as a solution - on those _every_ 4:3 mode is stretched, and you can't do anything about it (and the only 5:4 mode is 1280x1024 itself). Is this statement absolutely true or are a few 5:4 displays out there which do not …

Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

Hi, I just tried to find the latest Linux version of DOSBox ECE and while doing so discovered that https://dosboxece.yesterplay.net/ seems to be down. It just shows a default page from the webhoster Strato. *EDIT* Today it's working again or to be precise it now redirects successfully to https:// …

Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

@Khvostik I can only give you a quick hint which is to just look into your dosbox-ECE.conf file since in there you can not only set all those options but they are also explained roughly. I'm sure someone else with more knowledge will reply in more detail and answer your other questions.

Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

Hi, I was about to update my DOSBox ECE installation (from the year 2019) which I never really began to use to the most current build. I had a look into the folder of my existing installation and saw the file "README for pixel-perfect patch.txt" there. That file isn't in the most current build's zip …

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