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Re: Sound Blaster 16 DSP Version

in SoftMPU
Got it, thank you! It's the CT1741 chip right? (I think you had a typo in your reply). Unfortunately I've got V4.11 so I guess this card has the bug. Are a lot of games effected by this bug? I wonder if the SoftMPU program will compensate for it somehow, maybe correct it in some games?

Sound Blaster 16 DSP Version

in SoftMPU
Hi - I realize this is a noob question - I'm looking for a good SB16 card to use with my MT-32 and SoftMPU. I want to avoid the midi hanging note bug. My question is: how do I tell what version DSP my SB16 card has? Is it an actual chip on the board? I have a CT1740. thanks in advance for help

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