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Re: MS-98L9 V2.0 , a new 1151MB with an ISA slot

in Milliways
I see no config options for ISA PnP in BIOS screenshots in manual, so this thing likely does not have ISA PnP support . A baremetal test running DOS with a non PnP ISA card that requires DMA and an IRQ (making sure there are no IRQ conflicts with the gazillion serial ports that are integrated) would …

Re: S3 Savage4 xtreme fake videocards?

I just found another interesting link: https://forums.windrivers.com/showthread.php?10798-RESOLVED-Diamond-Stealth-S540-Savage4-Pro-Installation-Problem The ftp linked there (ftp://ftp.hastec.nl/pub/videokaarten/stealth/stealth-3/S540biosses/) should have updated bios for the diamond savage4 card, …

Re: S3 Savage4 xtreme fake videocards?

It might have been just a feeling but I remember having a Voodoo3 2000 video card with an old video bios version and after the update to latest bios I remember having the feeling video output quality improved. I can't say if just a feeling as said but I always wondered if that might have been a …

Re: Windows 98 PCI Card

Promise based sata 1 cards seem pretty decent for XP. Kinda finicky under 98 but sometimes they work just fine to boot off of. The via and SIL ones are just. . .bleh. i wonder if there are any discrete pci Intel based sata cards No Intel ones, AFAIK . I would not touch the the VIA ones due to …

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