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Re: Graphic cards and CPUs history trees, wanna help?

Basic AMD tree done. Think im mising some modern Embeeded cpu's, but rest should be done (i hope). Now i have to move to something older and easier (zilog?, nextgen?). Not sure yet... Full image as always at http://vgamuseum.info/images/doc/cputree.png Very cool. :exclamation: :happy: One thing I …

Re: My XP box!

The example of this board I got to toy around with some time ago had a Pentium D 800-series in it - they do work. At the time that was latest-and-greatest from Intel, but nowadays I'd probably just skip over Pentium D and go right for Core 2 Duo if given the choice.

Re: Far Cry

in Windows
Now I'm thinking of what crysis was meant to run on. Maybe a good period correct system would be: Q6600 NFORCE 680 8800GTX x2 Vista 64 For 2007 (Wikipedia says November '07), I'd probably fudge a little and say 9800GX2 (Wikipedia says March '08), or two. Or at least switch out to 8800GTS 512MB. In …

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