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Re: SBVGM (DOS) VGM Player

I was not very precise, I meant .VGM (or .vgz) file music. For instance, in my case, with an SAA1099 (the CM/S counterpart of the SB 1.x) you can play Sega Master System's PSG music which are my favorite since it's the console I had as a kid. About the YM2151 and YM2608, do you know the SAAYM ?

Re: SBVGM (DOS) VGM Player

Hi RetroGC, I'm a big fan of SBVGM.EXE and I enjoy it on similar computer as yours. While I prefer to run it in msdos environment, it work well under windows 9x. I remember OPLx told me that you have to make command.com run full-screen though (alt-enter) otherwise it will suffer from random slowdown …

Re: Orpheus II soundcard thread

Kahenraz comment and pixel peeping at the SmooBandit pikshur also remind me that the GF1 card have serious compatibility issues with an ALi m1541 chipset that I put in my trash box (what good is a retro motherboard if it can't handle a GUS properly ? I demand !). I never try Interwave based GUS on …

Re: Iconic Sound Blaster CT numbers

It's probably a form of OCD but I hate unpopulated socket. I see SB1.5 and SB2.0 mission SAA1099. Your MAX miss the SOIC 512kb upgrade. The Goldfinch has no ram while the GusPNP has. On a more serious note, congratulation for your preservation effort. Good job hunting those !

Re: Second Reality in DOLBY SURROUND

Using Stretch tutorial I was able to produce a 5.1 FLAC file that I could play on my living room's HTPC running Kodi on Linux. The surround effect is very exciting and I was amazed to hear the front/rear separation of some effects ! The big spaceship after intro scrolling clearly come from the rear …

Re: Second Reality in DOLBY SURROUND

Thanks lti, I was not aware of the existence of those matrix decoder. I searched about them and I think you are right, it's how they must have done it. Future Crew made it clear they used Dolby Surround and you need 2 stereo sound card, so I assumed they where using the Dolby Stereo and Dolby …

Second Reality in DOLBY SURROUND

I was reading the README.1ST file that come with Second Reality demo (a bit late, I know) and I noticed that they mention about using a decoder/amplifier in the HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS AND OPTIONS section so you could get some cool surround sound effects! Are they suggesting they support something …

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