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Re: Rarest CPUs?

I cannot believe it took me 27 years to find a Pentium 150Mhz passively while removing an hdd from an old client's pc. First time i see one even im working in IT and repaired tens of thousands computers I have seen tons of pentiums ranging from 75 to 233mhz but never a 150Mhz That just left the gold …

Re: Rarest CPUs?

Hmm... are those actually rare? I have one exactly like that. AXDA2200DKV3C AIUGA No idea if it works though. I remember my brother had a Thoroughbred A 2100+ back in the day... I think it's long gone now though. EDIT: Did you look them up on ebay? Because there are lots of similar ones on there …

Re: Retrolan - Sad experience

in Milliways
Hirsch wrote on 2022-01-06, 20:15: Setting up the LAN always was a challenge back then. It always took a half day to find out who had the defective tee connector or terminator. you need to own all the computers, that is the only way to not waste time

Retrolan - Sad experience

in Milliways
Summer here in Argentina, time to host the annual Retrolan. https://i.ibb.co/CJVqTxJ/Whats-App-Image-2022-01-04-at-10-34-33-1.jpg https://i.ibb.co/WFMcqZ7/Whats-App-Image-2022-01-04-at-10-34-33.jpg https://i.ibb.co/7449vVM/Whats-App-Image-2022-01-05-at-07-59-01.jpg Let alone Covid, its getting …

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