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Stronghold - Black screen with dgVoodoo 2.79.3

Hello, I love Stronghold. The HD version of it is a quick cashgrab with a patch to "support" widescreen resolutions, but the UI doesn't scale at all, so you end up looking at the tiny interface which I hate so much. I'd love to use dgVoodoo with Stronghold to be able to stretch, say, 800x600 to my …

Re: Regressive bugs - report them here

I can't remember if it's an Unreal engine game, but the spinning, unstoppable camera is often caused by the mouse cursor "being stuck in a wrong position" coming from forced resolution or a wrapper-scaled output like Stretch with AR. Try either option 'FreeMouse' or (in case of UE) make sure that …

Re: Regressive bugs - report them here

Game: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets PC. Issue: Camera is spinning uncontrollably if using dgVoodoo2 v2.72. Issue is not present in dgVoodoo2 v2.45. The usual fix of editing Game.ini and putting DeadZoneXYZ to True to stop the spinning does NOT work. Edit: after some research it seems that …

Re: PCem v17

I only found out about PCem today. I'm a retro freak and I am very impressed by the quality of your work Sarah. So thank you for developing this amazing piece of software. Please reconsider returning to the project as it's really one of a kind. We greatly appreciate you and your work.

Re: Aliens vs. Predator Gold

in Windows
Hello, I just registered here to say: THANK YOU sirlemonhead for fixing this game. I'm a huge fan of it (since 2003 or so), I really really love it and I love your work. Thank you again for making it playable on Windows 7. It's nearly perfect. You, sir, are a legend. Regards Patrick

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