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Re: Action Soccer - sound problem

The CD audio volume slider works in SVN, or in 0.74 you can use the MIXER command to change the volume, but in either case a BIN/CUE image must be mounted with IMGMOUNT. Regarding the issue with sound effects, there appears to be a bug in Action Soccer when the XMS driver reports that there is no …

How can I host a server in Battlefield Vietnam?

in Windows
Hello everybody, for reasons of nostalgia, I would like to play Battlefield Vietnam online against some friends. Unfortunately I can't get the server to work. I patched and started the game according to these instructions (german): https://www.helloclan.eu/pages/bfv-downloads/ I was also able to …

How can i extract the soundtrack of an old DOS game?

in DOS
Hello everyone, i have the demo of the game Skaphander and would like to listen separately to the soundtrack. Is it possible to extract the soundtrack from the game? If yes, where is it stored and how can i extract it? The game has only these free files: SKAPEDEMO.BAT SKAPEDEMO.WRS WRUN.EXE

Installing Action Soccer (1995) in PCem (Windows 98 SE)

in DOS
Hello everyone, i am trying to install Action Soccer (1995) on my Windows 98 SE guest system in PCem. The installation is not starting, because the game says: "You need more 5KB free to run". The game manual says that this game needs 560KB free conventional memory to run. This is what i get if i …

Panzer General 1 installation problem with XMS

Hello everyone, i want to install the game Panzer General 1 on a Windows 98 SE guest system with PCem. The installation is not starting, because it can't detect the XMS memory. If i write MEM into the DOS prompt i get the following informations about the XMS memory: Total: 65.472K Occupied: ? Free: …

Hind Helicopter Simulator sound problem

Hello everyone, i have a problem with Hind (Digital Integration 1996) in Dosbox. The sound is not working. I can select the sound card in the settings (Sound Blaster 16). After that the menu music is audible. But as soon as I start a mission, the game crashes. When I restart the game, there is no …

Re: Using PCem to run your old DOS games

in PC Emulation
Thank you for this great tutorial. I installed Windows 98 SE, but i seem to have a memory problem with some games (example here Airlift Rescue). The game says that it needs at least 542K free low memory. So maybe this MEMMAKER program could help? Where can find it and is it compatible with Windows …

Midi-Sound with Virtualbox

in PC Emulation
Hello, i am using Windows 95 and Windows 98 with Virtualbox. My Problem is that Midi-Files are not working for me on both operating systems. Does Virtualbox have generally no Midi-Support? Or has anyone figured out how to get Midi working? I would be very thankful for your help.

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