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Re: Glide wrapper for Win98?

from dgVoodoo 1.50 beta readme: I. Requirements --------------- - Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP for Windows applications - Wndows 95/98/Me/XP for DOS applications - DirectX 7.0 or greater - what else important to write here? Idonnow http://dege.freeweb.hu/dgVoodoo/dgVoodoo/ Also Glidos should work on …

Re: Converting modern video files to older formats

It depends on CPU in Windows 98 machine. For Pentium 3 and above DivX/Xvid codec is OK. For weaker CPUs I would try mpeg1(VCD resolution)/mpeg2(DVD resolution) (some older graphics cards have decoding or color conversion support in hardware). Of course you need codec pack (KLite codec pack, of …

Re: Anyone know what YMF 724f card this is?

The two jumpers that are close together are probably for switching from the amplified to the line-out output and vice versa. BTW. I should have exact same card somewhere. That 5 pin header does indeed looks like an SB-Link. To be absolutely sure, you can check with a multimeter where GND is. …

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