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Re: The merits of Socket 7 processors - Intel P54C/P55C | AMD K5/K6/K6-2 | Cyrix/IBM 6x86 | IDT Winchip

Well to be honest,I suspect most people here are gonna tell you Intel Pentium MMX, and that is fair, especially if your going to want to play quake as well as it can be on the platform(Quake was hand coded for the Intel Pentium FPU and performs far better on the intel part because of it, and as …

Re: Demo for GUS on 286?

Indeed! I bought my Amiga A500 back in 1987, my first pay packet in fact! I recall my pal's having neat things on the Commodore 64 at that time or so, but not till the DX/2 66 was a standard computer do I recall seeing stuff on the PC, second reality is the one I remember.

Re: Demo for GUS on 286?

WOW! I didn't realise the demo scene took in the 286! I always assumed it was a post 386 thing as all those guys were on Amiga/ST/64 till the 486 DX/2 66 came along and made the PC seem like a worthwhile proposition performance wise. I know we have had some awesome stuff for the old PC/XT class …

Re: ISA video cards in DOS - where is the cap?

Best speed I have found for 386 was a Western digital WDC90C30 512K, it has no problems with scrolling on commander Keen games or other compatibility issues(the Tseng while FAST is known to have some compatibility problems with certain games of the era). There is also a WDC90C31 that has Windows …

Re: What game are you playing now?

Playing a steam game from the sale myself, first modern(ish) PC game I have played for years. Euro Truck Simulator 2(linux version), It's addictive as all hell but I have no idea why I like it, in the real world I hate driving, detest parking and I'm rubbish at making money! LOL Go figure...... …

Re: Riva TNT vs MX400

The 2 chips were some years apart. Btw you have any pics of the cards and are you planning on testing more cards? Tbf, TNT1 doesn't seem like a very useful retro card to me, but at least your had less of the weird artefacting you are decribing :P I meant to mention that in my post - edited. Amazing …

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