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Re: Ultima Underworld

in DOS
Sound is a great problem of UW1 and 2. I could hear the sound, but no video. Then I used dosbox and it worked very well. But don't delete the idea that the CD is a pirate CD. It can kill your computer, I'm serious! VDMS can not run UW very well. With a little search and a LOT of time, you can find …

Re: Flight Simulator 98

in Windows
Try to configure your joystick. I've got a lot of problems with the joystick, believe in me... Try to install your FS98 AND the joystick. Be sure that it is connectec correctly, check if there's any magic powder :happy: disrupting your connection. Be sure that all the pins are straight ahead. Try to …

Re: Liero isn't working

You can increase the cpu cycles. Dosbox will never show the error log. Make sure that the Liero that you're using is with sound. My one is without. Change the dosbox.conf file with something like notepad and change to use no sound. Change the EMS and XMS memory too. You can try to use the *default …

Re: Discworld 2 stuttering

Make sure that you haven't the option "Enable low-level network support" or "Enable low-level CD support". These ones can be really annoying. But VDMS is doing great with a lot of my games. See too the EMS and the XMS. Try to read all the advanced settings and choose the best config. A day you …

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