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Re: Experiences Upgrading Socket 7 Cache from 0KB -> 512KB? Recommended Video Card? Best 1993-98 Games for Pentium 200M

Cache has diminishing returns moving from FPM RAM, to EDO, to SDRAM - with SDRAM, the burst speed is the same, but the cache delivers the start a few cycles quicker But it does always have some return, even with SDRAM. Why not go for 64MB SDRAM if you can - the max cacheable range of the VX chipset, …

Re: Need help with basic electronic diagram & parts - setting up logic for a two colored LED

With no resistors in the LED wires, adding a diode voltage drop can make a much simpler switch Also, I don't know if "Elektor" or their TUP TUN DUG DUS definitions are still around, but the transistor is TUP (universal PNP) and the diode is DUS (universal silicon), your favourite 2N series, BC …

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