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Re: Soundfont recommendation thread

in Milliways
http://www.techarp.com/showarticle.aspx?artno=8 I use this Utopia Live! font alot too, there is a 27.5mb and 24mb font vers included that will load on an AWE, along with others optimized for the Audigy too. I dunno where you can buy this anymore, sad really its very good. I bought it way back in the …

Re: 3dmark99 MegaThread

Voodoo II is capped with the p4. I'm actually surprised the i740 with that much vram is so weak, its being fed by a decent enough cpu, yet its about the same speed as a voodoo II being under fed\limited on a pentium pro @ half the speed. I always thought the AGP variants were so slow due to mostly …

Pentium Pro 233mhz L2-256k

My Recent Retro Restore Hardware Pentium Pro 200@233mhz L2 256K Intel 440FX Motherboard 128mb EDO 60ns (32mb x4) E-vga Geforce 4 Mx 440 64mb PCI. Card is odd, it uses SDRAM instead of DDR, with the full 128-bit interface. 30.82 Maxi Gamer 3d2 12mb - Voodoo II 12mb. Sil3512 sata controller - 2x 1TB …

Re: What would you consider to be the most powerful\best cpu to pair with a Voodoo3?

Its faster, but once you get much above a P-III or athlon above 1.4ghz, it doesn't really matter. Here is a 3dmark 99 result of one (pci v3 2000 @ 166mhz this particular one can reach 183+) in an overclocked socket 478 prescott @ 3.8ghz based P4 - i875 with 3dmark 99 for a v3, there are more in the …

Re: Bought these games today

in Milliways
Kinda like that for me with obscure games that never caught on. I have tons of tons of obscure games thanks to places like Menards, and Biglots (places you don't expect PC games) which they got dumped to. Whats hilarous as a KID I remember Menards offered rebates on these games. They sold them for …

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