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Re: MT-32 Buffer Overflow/ Slowdown / ROM Upgrade

No, Not sure how to I assume it is an older version. To double check the ROM verson, you need to: 1. power off if on 2. press and hold these buttons : part 4, Rythm, Master Volume 3. turn power on. Source : https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?p=792617#p792617 Thanks I followed the instructions and …

Re: PDI disk image support

Here is a utility program written in Turbo C++ for DOS to convert PDI to IMA format. It will run in DOSBox, and is of course limited to 8.3 filenames. Only PDI type 1 images are supported; let me know if you find a type 1 image that doesn't convert correctly. DOS executable and source code are in …

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