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Re: Should I buy a MT-32 'old' today?

I forgot to mention that AWE64 out goes into SC-55 INPUT, then from SC-55 OUTPUT it goes into Cakewalk powered speakers. At what point do I need to lower (mute) which sound volume? SC-55 (all others mute?) UM-ONE (all others mute?) MT-32 (all others mute?) The SC-55 has the option to mute all ( …

Re: Sound Blaster 16 CT4170 won't install on NT 4.0

When you overclocked the FSB, did you also change the clock divider in the CMOS setup? At 33 MHz, it should have a divider of 4, but at 40 MHz it should be 5. By keeping the divider at 4 and with a FSB of 40 MHz, you're running your ISA bus at 10 MHz, which could be the cause of your problems.

Re: Looking for reccomendations for either PCem or 86box

in PC Emulation
Agree with Zup's comments. PCI sound cards didn't really gain wide spread adoption until 1998 ( as people started to upgrade to Pentium II PC's). Many people bought Pentium MMX CPU's in 1997 and 1998, due to the high cost of the Pentium II and, although some later models (from late 1997 & 1998) …

Re: When did you purchase your first 386 / 486 Computer? Availability vs the early 90's affordability norm.

Here in South Africa, availability of computers were never really a problem. As in many other countries and due to the era, personal computers were just very expensive. I think once AMD & Cyrix (and to a certain extend some other CPU manufacturers) started to enter the CPU market, did the price of …

Re: Roland UM-ONE / MIDI Player

in PC Emulation
Just to make sure my understanding is correct. You have a couple of SoundFonts (i.e., files in either the *.sbk or *.sf2 format) that you would like to utilise? Not sure why you would want to go this route, but if you have a Sound Blaster AWE32, SB32 or Sound Blaster AWE64, then you can just use one …

Re: Orchid Soundwave 32 1mb Recordings?

The original ROMs were called the Prosonus ROMs and then later Invision also released some ROMs for the Orchid cards (2x 512 KB). As I recall, the 1 MB ROM was referref to as the AWS ROM? Would be nice if someone could dump that ROM content with an EEPROM reader. Although the Invision ROMs do sound …

Re: Windows 98 and DOS Question

As Azarien has stated, you can just create a boot menu configuration under Windows 98, which will then allow you to either boot straight into MS-DOS 7.1 (with different configurations) or into Windows. Refer this topic for more detail on how to achieve that: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t= …

Re: english, the planetary language

in Milliways
How do you say "old computer user" in other languages? In English this is an ambiguous phrase. It can mean both "old user of computers" and "user of old computers". You have to decide which meaning is correct from the context (on this forum both are probably appropriate...) In my native language, …

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