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Re: Swaping DAC on SB16

That's definitely a worthwhile swap to do ~ Destroying an ISA AWE64 card to improve a SB16 is extremely stupid. I donno, maybe they value having legit OPL3 and a wavetable header over AWE capabilities. He can always solder the DAC from the CT2230 onto the AWE64 and still have a fully working card, …

Re: SoftMPU project needs your help! (game & sound card testing)

in SoftMPU
My first impression from SoftMPU (1.91) is too bad -- it is not compatible with the AWEUTIL (when loaded as TSR with /EM:xxx) - the Creative's semi-software MIDI emulator for AWE sound blasters under DOS. SoftMPU's main purpose is to emulate an intelligent mode MPU-401 MIDI interface (using a …

Re: I making my new build 8088 xt with a vga card ( Some questions about this 8088 build and about my 386 build too )

Have a look here - this list is not exhaustive, but should give you an idea what to look for: http://minuszerodegrees.net/5160/vga/5160_vga.htm & http://minuszerodegrees.net/5150/vga/5150_vga.htm I don't think it will make that much of a difference (for the two cards in question), since you are …

Re: Mystery Sound Card, AD1848KP chip?

I also have some Aztech cards - maybe I'll try this as a future experiment and see if I can get the two cards to work together. I normally prefer to only have one sound card (i.e., one with a DAC) in a system, since I have a number of systems to play with and I'm therefore fortunate enough to pick …

Re: What Aztech sound card to buy

- MMSN810. Probably the most feature-rich sound card, so highly ironic it's referred to as "Sound Galaxy 16 Basic". SBPro2, real OPL3 (or 1:1 clone, Aztech used both) and WSS codec (either AD1848 or CS4248 depending on what was in the last rubbish bin Aztech raided) The MMSN810 was the first sound …

Re: What Aztech sound card to buy

Disney Sound Source/Covox Speech Thing was a different sound standard in the late 80's to early 90's. I wouldn't be too worried about it as Sound Blaster was the de facto standard which was also more widely supported by games. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Covox_Speech_Thing

Re: What Aztech sound card to buy

AZT2316 chipset is from the 3rd generation. Normally does not have reversed stereo with excellent Sound Blaster Pro 2 and Adlib support with fairly good WSS compatibility. Also has MPU-401 UART and most models comes with a Wave Blaster header. AZTSSPT0592-U01 is from 1st generation - no MPU-401 UART …

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