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Re: Sick voodoo 1 card

Recently I fixed a Trident card, which had video chip in exactly same form factor as Voodoo. I was getting video glitches too. The main chip just desoldered itself off the board, pins were floating above the PCB. You can see how it looks here in close-up (40 sec. in the video): https://youtu.be/ …

Failing SMD solder on old devices (pins of VGA chipsets etc. getting loose), how common is that?

Yesterday I found out that my Trident TVGA8900D started giving a garbled image. It turned out, that a lot of legs on the video chipset have gotten loose. It was clearly visible under a microscope, the pins were moving, there are also black gaps: I fixed the issue by re-soldering the chip with …

Re: Voodoo5 capacitor kit replacement - Looking for someone that knows a lot about electronics

Also I'm not sure if these (really expensive) polymer caps are really needed as these weren't on the marked back then when 3dfx was alive. Polymer caps did exist back then (Sanyo OS-CON), and Voodoo 5 seems to be using them for the two biggest capacitors: oscon.jpg I don't think there is a need to …

Re: Running online DRM games offline guide

Easier approach was to take ws2_32.dll and ws2_base.dll from onercoreapi and place them in the same location as the goldberg dll and call it a day. I found out that Goldberg compiles by default with SSE2 as minimum requirement, now on the XP repository there is also SSE1 build. So it works with …

Re: Searching for old software that works with old tv tuner (yes, i know that analog tv is dead)

You can try VirtualDub or VirtualDubMod software. Or DScaler http://deinterlace.sourceforge.net/ (DScaler is meant specific for analog video capture, i think it also can interface directly with the hardware?) I think I used them for both PCI and USB video capture, but that was long time ago.

Re: Searching for old software that works with old tv tuner (yes, i know that analog tv is dead)

vorob wrote on 2021-06-05, 22:50: But this 2.5mm port is quite uncommon as I see in google... You could buy 2.5mm headphone adapter or something like that, cut it and solder some wires. But... you wouldn't be able to receive any TV anyway now? (but it might work for old game consoles and …

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