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Re: ATI Xpert 98 refuses to work in Win98

I have to agree with Garrett. When I first got my Win 98SE machine home I tried a couple of different DirectX versions and found 7 or 7a were fine but anything else and I got weird side effects like 3D objects in benchmarks completely missing textures etc. Well, it sounds like poor VGA drivers :) …

Re: ATI Xpert 98 refuses to work in Win98

That does make some sense, the wording on the original post made it a bit difficult for me to understand what you were going for, good call! Sorry about that :) I am not a native english speaker and google like to correct what I am writting and this results in a combination of English and my …

Re: Is this the Kyro II 4500 or 4800?

Congrats! How yours pants now? :) Can You dump BIOS please? I own vanilla Hercules card and I am curious about "preferica PCI", its 104A/0010. I am using aida64 4.00 and it's giving me more informations in this parameter, its 104A-0010 / 1681-C060 (Rev 0F) . I noticed yours 3Dmark is a bit low, what …

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