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Re: Newer games that work on windows 98

Dawn of War - Soulstorm works if copied from a installer supported operating system. I can't remember at this very moment if the ripped game folder also needed KernelEx though. Perhaps. Doom 3 works with KernelEx. It does not need KernelEx tho, as the EXE also can be hex edited into working on win9x …

Re: Finding correct Creative Alchemy settings?

Cool! My own experience is that the individual settings rarely if ever needs any tweaking so the main concern for me has always been to check up the audio source instead. It is of importance as it dictates whether alchemy is needed or not at all. The only time I had to adjust the settings is when I …

Re: CUV4X - Powerleap Tualatin Build

This machine has been such a pain in the butt. Well I finally got around to taking some pics today, after lots of testing I've reached the conclusion that the combo of this motherboard and powerleap adaptor will NOT run at 133mhz fsb. P3 1.0 (133fsb) runs fine at 133mhz and 100mhz (no powerleap) P3 …

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