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Re: Strauss 16 - ESS (688f?) card known to anyone?

Thank you for a hint. Similiar? Size-wise - yes, but can't really tell if it had same or at least very close PCB playout. Too bad I can't remember placing of CD connectors (vertical vs horizontal) or CD audio-IN, but what I remember is, that Strauss-16 looked better manufactured than Miss Melody on …

Strauss 16 - ESS card (ES688f?) known to anyone?

Hi Guys, in my first PC that was bought in 1995 (P90) I used to have the sound card named "Strauss-16". It was based on ESS chip (most likely ES688f), had the gameport/midi connector and a wheel for analog volume control. It was sold in mostly white box with "Strauss 16" logo on it, some music notes …

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