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Re: Which Soudtracker / Mod-Player to use with MS-DOS

in DOS
I downloaded the DOS version of openmpt123 and it looks great -- and very current (2021) CLI. However, for the life of me I can't get this bloated 2.7mb DOS executable to WRITE the mod files to disk as .wav files. I always get the error ".wav file handler missing." Also, no sound card is recognized …

Re: Which Soudtracker / Mod-Player to use with MS-DOS

in DOS
i also use openmpt123 https://lib.openmpt.org/libopenmpt/ imo the best mod player for dos in terms of accuracy and sound quality. but it requires a strong pc for 32 channel files and there is no gui but for that you can use doszip commander and assign all supported mod formats. libopenmpt 0.6 …

Re: DOSBox-X branch

hello i have a small question. i want to run the game Sideline with dosbox-x http://sideline.ghegs.com/ the game needs jemmex to run but i cannot get jemmex to work with dosbox-x when i disable ems and start to run jemms with "jemmex noems load" i get the message: "xmm already installed" seems a …

Re: Timidity++ and GUS ppl 1.61 patches

edit: seems i got it timidity.cfg # GM Melodic Bank bank 0 0 acpiano 1 britepno 2 synpiano 3 honky 4 epiano1 5 epiano2 6 hrpschrd 7 clavinet 8 celeste 9 glocken 10 musicbox 11 vibes 12 marimba 13 xylophon 14 tubebell 15 santur 16 homeorg 17 percorg 18 rockorg 19 church 20 reedorg 21 accordn 22 …

Timidity++ and GUS ppl 1.61 patches

hello i want to use Timidity++ to play some midi files with gus ppl 1.61 patches but how can i do this ? i downloaded Timidity++ 2.15 for windows and i have my ultrasnd/midi folder with ppl1.61 patches installed (total 277 pat files) but i dont know how to create a proper cfg file for Timidity++ i …

Re: Garbo archive

in Milliways
MrFlibble wrote on 2021-05-26, 18:24: K.A.R.R. wrote on 2021-05-25, 18:29: what dosbox settings do u use for the german ford simulator ? when i try it it stops after i enter my name I remember that problem; I just quickly checked this version and the solution is to press Esc before it asks for your …

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