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Re: Windows 95/98 emulation/VM options?

There is another emulator SPC / AT EMULATOR. It's older and no longer worked on. However it is fairly quick and a middle ground between qemu and PCEM. I only used it to test some bootable cds and floppy's I was making and it's pretty quick for that. I would not use it over a more modern solution. …

Re: Boxedwine (Wine on multiple platforms)

I was a huge fan of jdosbox, glad to see you are still working on things! Getting a win98 VM to download from a webpage was very nice and worth the learning (it looks great in job interview). If you compile qemu with WHPX/HAXm support it can run opengl/webgl benchmarks from a linux VM on a windows …

Re: QEMU connected to DOSBox IPXNET

This is nice, thanks! You could have the AI fight itself in Herzog Zwei and Jane's US Navy fighters. It might be time to watch the heavy Gear 2 AI fight a massive war with itself. I lost my HG 1&2 disks and could never find them. The closest I could do to make up for it was to make people mad in …

Re: DOSBox Pure ?

in Milliways
Would be nice if booting from iso's worked in dosbox as well as save states. Then you could just setup a boot floppy and set that as the cd's boot bin. Then have autoexec foo to load the game from the CD. Its a pita to setup but loads quick. This works with dos7/8 and hx-dos extender. I can confirm …

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