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Re: What game are you playing now?

in Milliways
Unreal is indeed a graphical gem. I always loved the Glide graphics with Unreal but in it's day the game got overshadowed by Half Life since it has the better gameplay I think (and I like the interaction with professors and Barneys). But I do share your experience: since a week or three I started …

Re: paste in socket

I think brake cleaner in a spray can will work, too. I've cleaned many parts with alcohol but some of the thermal paste will withstand alcohol quite good and brake cleaner often is the answer. All the parts I've cleaned (including total motherboards) with brake cleaner still work perfectly. Do make …

Re: Why some of my floppy disk are unreadable?

in Windows
Almost all disks I’ve encountered that we’re difficult to read have been stored improperly and suffer from mold infection. You can slide the metal cover away and take a look at the disk inside. If it’s not clean then stop immediatly. Using dirty disks will also contaminate the heads in your drive …

Re: Best CGA & Hercules monochrome games

Creative Contraptions The Incredible Machine for CGA ? I guess you can indeed see this as a precursor to the Incredible Machine, but with better graphics! ;) This topic needs more screenshots! Let those CGA-colors shine! Creative Contraptions: CGA all the way :). It also uses the blue background- …

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