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Re: Sudden speed-ups when playing 3DFX games?

Yes. In general, scene complexity can cause frame rate to drop, and the upper frame rate limit, if synchronized to vertical blanking, is the refresh rate. Some games will let you turn off synchronization to vertical blanking, but this can result in visible tearing.

Custom DOS console display mode?

Hi, I have put together a kind of weird system for playing DOS games. They play, unscaled, in the center of a giant 384x256 pixel LED display. This works great for most old DOS games that are lower than that resolution. But the DOS interpreter itself is running in I think, 720x480. The scaler I have …

Re: "...not a valid win32 application"

in DOS
Ironically, though, some old 16-Bit Windows applications do run much better on Windows NT/2k/XP. Like some of the pre-Windows 3.0 applications, which Windows 9x refuses to execute (except if patched with Mark30 etc.) That's because these have a dedicated VM that runs a stripped-down copy of Windows …

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