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Re: GeForce2 vs GeForce3: My test results

I use them so I can test a wide range of cards with the same driver and also newer games. It's all part of a much larger project and I just shared the results for these two cards. You compared 32mb card vs 64mb card again? If that's the case then this results are not valid. Of course, the cards come …

GeForce2 vs GeForce3: My test results

There was recently some discussion about performance between GeForce2 and GeForce3 series. I was testing a few cards today and wanted to compare these two cards for myself. The system is totally not period correct, it's meant for testing and getting good performance out of the systems. Used is a …

Re: Voodoo2 in a pure MS-DOS PC

V2 SLI for DOS :blush: I'm trying to remember how it was back in day. I do remember playing DOS Tomb Raider on a Voodoo 1 on a Pentium 133 and that was awesome. But I also remember playing a lot of 3D games under Windows 95 or 98 on that same machine. Wing Commander Prophecy, Shadows of the Empire, …

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