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Re: Making a new soundfont for the AWE 64

I've tested the soundfont on some midi files (I have SB Audigy) and must say that I'm impressed. Many of them sound really nice. Some sound a bit unbalanced though, the percussion being just a bit too loud. The worst however are HIDNSEEK.MID (from GUS driver pack) - the main melody instrument ( …

Re: K.O.R. Soundfont Project V.5.0

Yeah with the volume levels the Orchestra addon gets a little unwieldy. I've placed in a shitton of instrument samples and reverb effects to make it try and simulate a real orchestra with the same sort of harmonic reverberations you'd hear in a concert hall, but it can do really weird things at …

Re: K.O.R. Soundfont Project V.5.0

I've tested it a lot with DK3D and SW but not with RotT yet. That's probably why I didn't know about that bug until now. Which songs exactly are you having issues with? I might be able to tweak the offending instrument's frequency or fadeoff or something to bring it back in line with GM standards. …

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