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Re: Modern motherboards lifespan

Using an old EVGA socket 939 AMD board right now from around 2004. Every component in this custom machine has lasted great since then (save for the old Nvidia gfx card, which was replaced not long ago). But I'm happily running Debian on it right now on 1.5GB of RAM and a 2.4Ghz single core CPU 😀

Re: Anyone use an old linux OS on an old PC?

Well, I have recently acquired an old AMD Athlon 64 4000+ gaming machine from 2005. I was tired of using Winblows XP and decided to install Debian. So far I am very happy with that OS and it fulfills my purposes (and then some). I have a lot of packages already installed (Xchat, banshee, Filezilla, …

Re: Post your 'current' PC

Here are some updated ones, my setup has changed quite a bit as I've been upgrading it a lot. Hoping to get a new CPU soon. For now it plays gta 5 fine at medium settings, so thats good. A lot of the parts (case, ODD, one HDD, etc) are from older builds. I did add a 1TB hdd (halfway used already) …

Re: Windows 10 + no internet???

Yeah, I had windows 10 with a shit connection for a little bit (sometimes 4g hotspot other times dial up). I am using 7 for the most part now however. There is a trick where you can disable all updates here http://gadgets.ndtv.com/laptops/features/how-to-disable-windows-10-automatic-updates-728049 …

Re: Anyone use an old linux OS on an old PC?

Hey guys, sorry to bump an old thread. Anyway, I got an old Pentium M Dell Laptop and I installed Linux Mint on it without any issues. I even picked up a book that explains the *nix command line and all that. I wanted to try Arch linux, however the latter part of the installation requires downloads …

Re: Old PC's used as props in movies

I can also say that I've never seen an Apple II in person. However I do have a CBM-64 and a Tandy 1000EX. But the movie "Hackers" was a somewhat interesting (albeit cheesy and mostly BS hacking) film and it had some aspects of the Hacking/phreaking scene back in 1995.

Re: Need advice on trash picking computers at the dump

Where I live if its out on the street its considered public property. If it is in a dumpster make sure the dumpster is on public property, IE: City park or on the street/curb. If the dumpster is locked then its a big no-no. I mainly get computers from the thrift shops. One of the ones I frequent …

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