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Re: Technological critique

in Milliways
I'm not a web designer but I suppose the webpages situation is even worse when I think about the browsers requirement of OpenGL 2.0 even for the basic pages and if there's not a compatible GPU it has to use a OpenGL software renderer along with the "almost native" D3D to GL to GLES whatever wrapper. …

Re: I miss the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s

in Milliways
I like english language and I usually watch english movies mostly only with the original audio but I suppose not all the users speak and write it as first language, so grammar errors or wrong words I suppose should be considered compared to the whole effort of dealing with two or more languages imho …

Re: I miss the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s

in Milliways
I suppose there isn't really a best decade overall depending on so many variables and events happened and where we lived those times. For the tech subject I imagine the 90's would be probably the more interesting as long it wasn't necessary a consumer totally oriented target where true passion for …

Re: Old GPU modules for notebook: can be used?

Thanks for the answers. Any possible adapters to PCI standard? I suppose some of those modules had also AGP based GPUs on it. I've seen there were mini PCI cards with video chip like Volari Z9 or similar 2D only server oriented boards even with their own cable to vga connector but not card …

Old GPU modules for notebook: can be used?

Hello, I was wondering if those GPU notebook modules that in the past were installed into some mini PCI or AGP whatever connections they were based on, might be usable nowdays to install them in a PCI 3,3v mainboard for very limited space reasons where there's not enough room for any vertical or …

Re: What scary games require booze to take the edge off?

in Milliways
The first that came to my mind is the first "Thief The Dark Project" PC game. Still a great game nowdays and only nowdays I finished both the first and second game of the serie. While the second game still was a very good game lost a bit some of that scary feeling but they both are good in their own …

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