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Re: Zalman coolers and voodoo 5

Consider using some sort of mechanical support, these coolers are heavy - especially copper variants. Also I think they won't cool that much better than original ones - VSA 100 plastic package heat conductivity it very poor, so no matter how big the heatsink is, the chips will always run hot... But …

Re: My weird GeForce 256

Congrats 😀 Fixing your GF 256 DDR is great news. If you currently run Pentium III on VIA chipset, then it is very likely a bottleneck. In 3dMark99 especially. For example on 2 GHz Athlon XP I got 11000 points.

Re: My weird GeForce 256

Most likely the card is defective in some way. I am 99.9% sure GeForce 256 DDR 16MB / 64-bit doesn't exist as an official product. I have the same memory chips on my Asus GF 256 DDR and it certainly is 32 MB / 128-bit. I guess on your card either the memory controller in the GPU or half of the …

Re: Geforce 6800 Ultra PCIe and Win98

Laser wrote on 2023-07-24, 08:21: you guys can test these drivers on your own hardware,then post here that I was trolling if you find something strange I did, many years ago. Tested GF 8600 GT and 8800 GTS 320. The only thing I got was BSOD at boot.

Re: Should I get a cooling fan for a Voodoo 3 2k?

For any Vooodoo, I would strongly advice to use some kind of cooling fan. If you have enough space below the card, something like aaronkatrini showed is the best. You can keep the card in its original state without modifications and still keep it nice and cool. Also in case of V3 PCI pay attention …

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