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Re: GPU Duels of 2000 - 2005 Video Cards

candle_86 wrote on 2020-04-30, 00:27: Ones that interested me back in the day […] Show full quote Ones that interested me back in the day 6800 NU vs 6600gt 6800 LE vs 6600gt 6600 vs fx5900xt 6800gt vs 8600gt 6800 LE vs 6600 GT is on my to-do list, The others... maybe. 😀

Re: 3dfx Voodoo 1 and 75 MHz FSB

Ok, that one should be on the safe side. I don't remember if the VG issues were on only on AMD socket 7 CPUs or all non-Intel in general. Anyway, you could still try the older driver, just to make sure. It helped me to run VG properly on K6-2 400. The latest official win9x driver from 3dfx caused …

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