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Re: why voodoo 5 5500 has AGP 2x

All commercially sold 3dfx AGP cards are PCI66 cards with AGP connector. This statement is not accurate. Voodoo5 is PCI66 (~AGP 1x) because of the dual chip design. Reference 3dfx/STB Voodoo4 supports AGP 1.5V and AGP 4x transfer. PowerColor V4 supports AGP 3.3V and 2x transfer by default. Can be …

Re: Voodoo 2 sli board, real or fake?

How's the 200SBI performance compared to the SLI setup? (like 3DM99 benchmarks) And do you have pictures of the card in your setup? Same as V2 SLI. It is just PCI-PCI bridge and two V2 chipsets on one board, after all. Sorry, no pictures, I never used it outside of quick test to check if it works …

Re: Voodoo 2 sli board, real or fake?

I've seen some images online about a voodoo 2 card, with 2 voodoo 2 cards on one board. Does anyone know of its excistance or is it a fake? Oh, the Obsidian2 200SBi. I have one, so definitely real :-D It works just like V2 SLI, but there are some driver difficulties, so it is better to run two V2 …

Re: Voodoo 1, 2, and 5 questions

There is a workaround for OGL / Glide. You can copy the glide2x.dll, glide3x.dll and opengl32.dll (that belongs to the desired card) to the game folder and it will run on the card you wish. I had V5 + V2 SLI in one system once and it worked fine.

Re: (Onboard) Voodoo 3 troubleshooting

I don't know how the 16MB version performs, they seem to be bery rare and I never had one. But the 8MB V3 on MS-6168 board performs exactly like Velocity 100 - so 1 TMU in OGL/glide and 2 TMU in D3D. It can be reenabled using the well known registry hack. Well, at least it worked that way last time …

Re: (Onboard) Voodoo 3 troubleshooting

I had MS-6168 system years ago and the onboard GPU worked perfectly even in glide. There are no special drivers, it is regular Voodoo3 (or in fact Velocity 100 - it has only one TMU active) soldered on the PCB, nothing special about it. I remember running Windows 98 and XP, both were ok.

Re: Pentium M Build Log

small update. That ramTurned out to be good over clockers after all and I just had PAT disabled Also I tightened the timings a bit to 3-3-3-7 T1 @ 533 Mhz , Its completely stable @ 2.65 V This is about the max the board can go so I'm happy. My sanda memory bandwidth score went up by another roughly …

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