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Re: ITX DOS & Windows98 mini PC

After patching the Jazz Jackrabbit runs. The scrolling looks a bit funky... but As I have never played that game, I can't tell what is normal and what is considered wrong. Also I have the X2GS connected and running. So from hardware point of view, I consider this build finished. 😀 Filename x2gs- …

Re: ITX DOS & Windows98 mini PC

Wondering about S3 unichrome recently as several thin clients seem to have them. If you have them in shareware even, does Jazz Jackrabbit and Commander Keen 4 run on it ok? There seems to be some kind of horizontal scrolling problem with Commander Keen 4. Jazz Jackrabbit doesn't run at all (runtime …

Re: ITX DOS & Windows98 mini PC

Yes, DVI is possible with this board. But As you said, most likely impossible to find that addon. PCI riser is one of these generic chinese ones. But there are multiple types and you must get the right one - the taller type. Also wach out for left and right risers. Luckily for you, I can point you …

Re: ITX DOS & Windows98 mini PC

Thanks, I am glad you like it 😀 Yes, I played Stargunner for a while and about hour of One Must Fall 2097. And also some quick testing of Duke 3D, Doom and Wolfenstein 3D to test the audio system. I am still waiting for the X2GS, which I will plug in soon and then I will enjoy the perfect MIDI.

Re: ITX DOS & Windows98 mini PC

And now the hardest part. I really like to design and 3d print my own case. This way I can make it much smaller than regular cases you can buy and it still fits all the needed HW. This time I decided to take a different approach and the "box" consists of only two pieces (instead of six). It is more …

ITX DOS & Windows98 mini PC

I have a new project here, this one was rather quick - only took about two months to build. The goal here was to build as small as possible DOS PC with good overal compatibility. So I started looking for some VIA based ITX boards in order to have chipset compatible with ESS Solo. Initially I planned …

Re: VGA Capture Thread

Regarding the PCI-E compatibility. I can confirm now that VisionRGB-E2S works fine on ASRock B450 Pro4 + Ryzen 9 5900X. Well, at least one channel does, So far I had no time to test the other one... but the PCI-E -> PCI-X bridge definitely works.

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