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Re: Dual (SLI) Voodoo2 1000 worth it?

Amongst the old renderers, s3 metal has the best graphics on unreal. Nice 32bit and Sharp textures. Awesome! I would play unreal at least on a 2mx. Radeon 7500 does fine on MS-DOS. Also VESA Modi’s are working fine. Playing mostly FPS with it. Like Shadow Warrior or Redneck Rampage and many others. …

Re: Convert PC Booter to EXE [MULE]

in DOS
you can bootstrap with memdisk via grub4dos so you can start any Floppy Image you want and even Option ROMs via https://github.com/rvalles/optromloader You also can load HDD Images to Ramdisk, and boot from then. The Limitation is you would need enough ram to fit your image inside.

Re: S3 Savage4 xtreme fake videocards?

That's great, thank you!!! Mine is a S520 but I may try to crossflash. Edit: I think those cards are cursed. I used the gigabyte ga-6bxc rev 2.0 with a pentium II 400, the results where inconsistent, they were the same with stock and overclocked frequencies. So I decided to use another bx400 the …

Re: S3 Savage4 xtreme fake videocards?

Well my diamond savage extreme S540 runs 166Mhz GPU and RAM. It runs very hot and one should have good ventilation. I would not run it without a Fan, heat sink is factory installed. Shipping without a fan was bit enthusiastic as the Card definitive needs one or it runs unstable. The Card with DVI …

Re: Sun Microsystems IPX to the Max.

Well, it should be as good as a 486DX2 66Mhz.. so its not that bad for 1994. i had Sparcstation 1+ and it was much slower with 25Mhz. But Screen Resolution was great... Also putting Solaris 8 on it would be heavy for this small Machines. As far as i remember they came with SunOS BSD instead of …

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