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Re: TNDLPT : Tandy Sound on parallel port

Hi, Jan Knipperts is working on this one, just drop him a Message. His mail is on github (if you have account) https://github.com/JKnipperts Here is also alternate Driver for TNDLPT: https://github.com/JKnipperts/TNDY Has some flaws but does not require EMM386 or QEMM etc. If you run with 1Mb RAM …

Re: PowerVR on modern system & OS

How do you cool your PCX1 Cards ? mine is getting temperatures where you almost burn your fingers.. i think i would go add a Heatsink on it. But how to attach one without loosing the prints on the chip ? Maybe make some Sort of Clamp ? Implent PCX2 in FPGA and make new PCI Card 😉

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