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Re: Aureal 3D emulation on a modern system

in Windows
Filename A3D.JPG File size 77.45 KiB Views 393 views The chart in the A3D 2.0 product brief shows what it does. A2D was their offering for ISA soundcards only to get some A3D 1.0 features, but doesn't sound good at all.

Re: Aureal Vortex 2 (Diamond MX300) enabled SPDIF out in 2048 drivers but no sound in Win98, but OK in WinXP

If you want proper S/PDIF support use the 2041 drivers with my 2041 S/PDIF tool , or the Montego II Quadzilla 2046 drivers. For the 2046's you will need to mute the S/PDIF and then unmute it in the windows mixer control panel to get it outputting properly. note: The fix tool will not work properly …

Re: Aureal Vortex 2 SQ2500

Princeton's proprietary cross-cancellation tech This must be what you were talking about, they are using XTC with head tracking so it's going to sound much better than the static listener setup you get from Aureal and Sensaura. A3D and the other 3D audio products like Sensaura are in the "good …

Re: Aureal Vortex 2 SQ2500

The card you got is called the SuperQuad, it's the OEM varient of the SQ2500 and typically is found using the older AU8830 A2 rev of the chip. All Aureal SQ2500's used the AU8830 B0 chip revision. Aside from some hardware layout changes and part selection they both operate near identically. Yes, it …

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