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Re: Let's talk about our hated trends

Any form of SAAS or subscription software. I think the reasons why are fairly well covered here. I wasn't planning to comment in this thread. Recent experience though obligates me to add to what has been said so far about SAAS and cloud based computing. The optometry (eye doctor) practice that I …

Re: Samsung 970 PRO vs Sandisk Extreme Pro

ultimate386 You should definately try in your DOS/Windows computers sound from Gravis Ultrasound or Aureal Vortex 2, they have superior sound over creative labs cards and are also SB compatible. I actually do have a GUS ready to go into the Compaq Prolinea the next time I open it up! For the …

Re: Samsung 970 PRO vs Sandisk Extreme Pro

Because I tend to keep computer parts for a really long time, I went with a 1TB Samsung 960 Pro for my OS drive and an 1TB 850 Pro for my game drive. Zero issues with either, so far. I also replaced the 500GB hard drive in my 2011 HP EliteBook with a 2.0TB 860 Pro earlier this year. Again, zero …

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