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Re: SVGA modes in Win3.1 on 286 possible?

Would be happy to. Not used the driver library before, I tried my forum login/password on the site but it didn't work. Presumably it is different. How would I go about submitting please? Cheers You can PM and upload to any of the contributors of vogonsdrivers. They will upload for you. Or you can …

Convert Teledisk or Kyroflux formats to IMG/IMA?

in PC Emulation
Is there any way to convert the Teledisk or Kyroflux raw dumps to .img format to use in emulators? I tried searching online but couldn't find the exact process. Most websites are simply talking about preservation and writing back to floppy drives. Thanks for any info.

Re: Why DOS died...

in Milliways
DOS never died. It's just that DOS is using obligatory GUIs nowadays. And all these GUIs - Windows/Linux/Mac all trying hard to keep the terminals and command prompt to go back to what is best done in DOS-style. DOS never died.


in DOS
[..]Sam and Max Hit the Road[..] Oh my gosh, I almost forgot that it had CDA tracks. Who remembers this ? :D I don't usually follow this thread. Just noticed this. Really? Sam n Max has CD audio tracks? I always thought it only has the MIDI. I wouldn't miss CD tracks for classic MIDI (either SC-55 …

Re: MT-32 wavetable daughterboard exist

I don't know how effective or dependable are these so-called LA32 daughterboards. This is the first time hearing of such thing. I'm not really optimistic about it when it comes to compatibility too. Roland MT-32 ROMs are still copyrighted, and the above boards must be an enthusiast created ones in …

Re: DOSBox vs PCem vs 86Box which do you prefer?

in PC Emulation
Dosbox for "just run the game" feel, along with DBGL frontend. I just display the box shots of the games I have set up in the launcher and simply double-click the game box to run them. As for the feeling of tinkering and running DOS and games from the BIOS boot-up, down to autoexec.bat and config. …

Re: What is good puzzle design in adventure games?

in Milliways
Good puzzle design would be things that are not easy to solve but when you find the actual solution you go “How didn’t I think of that before, it makes perfect sense!”. Bad puzzles would be ones where the solution still doesn’t make much sense even after looking them up on a walkthrough or solving …

Re: Are there any more aspect ratio ultratolerant people?

in Milliways
I used to stretch all DOS graphics to max on my 37" LCD TV those days, for want to play everything "FULL"screen. Also was playing stretched full screen on my laptops and desktops. Until I realized everything's stretched too much and after comparing with 4:3 mode (selectable on TV), which is more …

Re: Best SC-55 SoundFont?

in Milliways
Stumbled upon this SC-55 -alike SoundFont, that is compatible with General MIDI (don't choose Sound Canvas option in games). As far I could tell this sounds as close to the original SC-55 that I have, and sounds better in Heretic and DOOM 2 compared to the Arachno SF that I have been using so far.

Re: DOSBox Game Launcher (DOSBox Frontend)

@overload86: haaaalp is underway @Malik: Thanks! Regarding compilation -- the only thing you need is a recent Java SE Development Kit (aka JDK, version 8 or newer) and Apache Ant and the DBGL source . Extract the source code into any folder, open up a Terminal and enter that folder, type 'ant'. …

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