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Re: dogs in video games

in Milliways
I think arranging the list in alphabetical order makes easier cross checking if the titles provided by the contributors are already on the list.

Re: dogs in video games

in Milliways
The Secret of Monkey Island (though they needed to be knocked out as soon as they are met - nothing violent, though). Monkey Island 2 : Le Chuck's Revenge. The dog also named Guybrush.

Re: Today is Windows 95's 25th Birthday. Share your memories.

in Milliways
Those days, I was not much knowledgable about computers that much, hardware-wise, since all I cared about were the software running on it - games, games, games and applications like Wordstar and LOGO. And did I mention games? Adventures from Sierra, Lucasfilm/Lucasarts, Simulations & Strategy from …

Re: What is your Favorite CPU and Why ?

in Milliways
I have a fondness for the intel Pentium 133 and Intel 486DX2-66. (Though I grew up with XTs and ATs, I was not much aware of the CPUs at that time, and all I cared about was the games running on it, from Zaxxon, Lode Runner to Karateka and Pit Stop.) I bought (actually asked to get for me, after …

Re: What's the "signature thing" to do after installing an OS?

in Milliways
All Windows : Show Hidden Files & Extensions of Known Types. (Don't know why MS thought hiding these was a good idea.) Newer Windows : Explorer -> Show files in LIST view Win9x : Install Microsoft Plus!. Set up my favourite Desktop Theme. Newer Windows (XP, 7) : Install MUNT. (A must for me. Can't …

Re: Dosbox dropping pressed keys?

Just dropped in to contribute my similar experiences in GODS while running distribution-specific packages of Dosbox in both latest Arch Linux and Mint 19.3. The spartan becomes unresponsive while a directional movement key is being pressed. I needed to release and press the key again. EDIT : …

Re: Running BAT from autoexec.bat

CALL that Bat, is easy to remember. Yes, it's the CALL command to run an external BATCH file and returns back to the caller. ---***--- call liveinit.bat ---***--- Or you can also "pass" the responsibility to the liveinit.bat file, by placing the "call liveinit.bat" statement at the end of the …

Re: Running DOS on modern hardware is impossible

in DOS
twiz11 , Maybe you should do your research before starting threads with misleading and obviously wrong titles. Tip: if you want to use the thread itself for a discussion where you would learn such things, it is better to phrase the title as a question rather than a rather bold statement. ;) Agree …

Re: Welcome to the updated VOGONS

in Milliways
Honestly saying, I liked the older design...maybe because I got used to it for the past 15 years. But I also feel this new design is also good. I tried reverting back to "old skool" theme, but the purple looks too bright and the font color is not the same, so I reverted back to normal theme. One …

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