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Re: Post pics of your CRT monitors

RockmanZ3R0 wrote on 2023-06-12, 21:33: Jed118 wrote on 2018-02-10, 19:33: Unsure if you care or not at this point but I used to have that same monitor as a kid and just recently found the old parts list from the computer it went with from the store, it claims it is ".39 dot pitch S-VGA" Oh …

Re: Zip Disk Drive trouble installing drivers

If you want, I can dropbox you the files off the original CDROM I've used to get each and every one of my ZIP disks to work. I know it will work in 95 and 98. Let me know in a PM and I'll send you a link. *Edit I just used it on a 486DLC with SCSI on it. I just found this forum and this older post. …

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